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Local Digital Advertising

Local Digital Advertising Inc.

Our focus is aimed to direct more business to you by the power of Local search engine marketing on:

 GoogleMobile Video’s, Bluetooth Proximity Advertising, QR Code Advertising , Near field Communication And Coupon Advertising .

We are among the best in this fast-paced industry thanks to our talented and innovative staff. We have years of experience and have engineered a network of # 86 Businesses in your area to feed each other business.

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           A complete system which includes custom network that maximum results but keep our prices competitive.

Local searchers are highly qualified and ready to take action. They already know what product or service they need; they’re just looking for a local business to fill  that need and more times they’re doing it online with a comprehensive local Digital Advertising program, you can be the local business they find!

    You don’t even need a  website – Free local profile page included!

    Local Digital Advertising program:

Allow you to target over 109 million local customers who are searching online! Get your business onto the first page of Google without the hassle of SEO or cost of PPC!

   What is a Google local listing?

Google Local Listings are the new way people are connecting with local businesses online. The decline of the print Yellow Pages has opened up a new door for smart local businesses to connect with online customers. Google Local listings help your business to target the millions of local customers searching online

 How do local listings work?

Local Digital Advertising Program Listings allow your business to appear on the first page of results for local based searches. It’s a ‘shortcut’ to the top of Google’s results because you don’t have to pay thousands to create a website and have it professionally optimized. This allows you to get exposure to millions of local customers for a fraction of the cost of other advertising.


   A top listing typically:

Will mean a flood of new business for you. Think about how your customers might be searching for you. If Google displays business’s on number 1 Page and you’re not on it, you could be missing out.

If you are ready to get serious about your local marketing campaign and want to get on the first page of Google with one or all of web video’s, mobile video’s and mobile local marketing.

We are the online Local Digital Advertising experts to call.


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